Scoop Jardine vs The Dirty Panthers

Back in the beginning of the season, ESPN The Magazine asked Syracuse douchebag player Scoop Jardine what he thought of each team in the conference.  PantherLair has a summary of the story:

In the college basketball preview issue of ESPN The Magazine, Syracuse guard Scoop Jardine accused Pitt of a nefarious approach to the game.

“They play dirty,” Jardine said in comments that were also published on, “and the refs allow it.”

Naturally, Pitt players disagree.

“A lot of teams may refer to us as a dirty team, but I’d just say that we’re a physical team,” redshirt senior Gilbert Brown said Saturday. “Our practices are predicated on being physical and playing hard-nosed defense. So I wouldn’t say we’re dirty; I think we’re just a physical team.

“Some people don’t like a physical game, but it’s basketball. It’s a man’s game.”

Maybe Scoop is just a wimp, or maybe he has turned into a wimp because his coach is a wimp.  Does any coach in the conference whine more than Jim Boeheim?

In a 2008 game, Pitt trailed Syracuse by 11 points with 3:49 remaining.  The Panthers managed to come back and beat the Orange at the Carrier Dome in a game I like to call “The Meltdown.”  Naturally, Jim Boeheim was in shock and threw a tantrum.

Here’s a clip.

“The Meltdown” was followed by the classic Jamie Dixon quote: “There is no quit in this team.”

That’s because we play “a man’s game.”


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    […] injuries and staying healthy are part of the game.  You know what is also part of the game? Being physical and playing aggressive. Welcome back to the Zoo, Scoop. (p.s. how can anyone from the team that had Eric Devendorf on it […]

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