Introducing the 2011-2012 Oakland Zoo Logo

It’s been an exciting, yet long, offseason. But we’re here and happy to announce the release of the new logo for the Oakland Zoo for the 2011-2012 season. It was a collaborative effort between past Oakland Zoo leaders, current leaders, and the athletic department. The Pitt Athletic Department has been fantastic in the support they’ve given us as a student organization and fan group. They give us whatever we need, and help us whenever they can.

There was a little bit of trepidation going into this year’s design of the shirt. The 2010-2011 shirt was a huge hit, and very widely liked by many. Why change what works? As we thought about it, however, the feelings and moods of the Zoo change with each year. Each year’s Zoo is different, and the shirts have reflected that each year since the Zoo was formed. We decided to make the shirt reflect how deeply woven into Oakland Zoo is to the University of Pittsburgh. This is where we decided to use the school seal as inspiration. You’ll see different elements of the seal incorporated into the design. Enough story, here’s the front of the shirt:

We used elements of the seal like the wreath, ribbon, the fort, and tied them together to create the logo. We wanted to make the “Zoo” extremely clear and bold so you know exactly what we are. The lettering of the Zoo actually has the wooden pattern of a basketball court as its fill. The other idea was to make the shirt something you’d want to wear even if it wasn’t just the logo of the best student section n the country.
Now for the back:

The most common thing we heard about what people liked about last season’s shirt was the Cathedral. Why wouldn’t people love it? The Cathedral of Learning is so much a part of Pitt’s identity now. We knew it belonged on the shirt, but felt the original design was too different from our new front. We decided then to draw inspiration from the Hyper Elite jersey’s the players now wear. It’s a softer, cleaner look that we think goes better with our new design.

We hope everyone enjoys these new designs. We’ve very excited about them, and it was a a very cool experience  to go from 4 or 5 sketches on paper to a professional final logo. There’s already been word that the new t shirts are available in the Pitt shop. This season is fast approaching, and once again Pitt is in contention for a Big East title and run in the NCAA tournament. We look forward to seeing everybody at the Blue and Gold Game on Oct 22nd. This year will be a fun one in the Zoo as always, and we hope to see it packed every single game.


9 Responses to “Introducing the 2011-2012 Oakland Zoo Logo”

  1. Bryan (@PittScript) Says:

    I’m a fan. I love that the Cathedral has been incorporated recently. Really unique.

  2. Bone Says:

    Killer. Great job.

  3. dta Says:

    looks good, cooks good

  4. Pitt Blather Permalink » New Logo, Non-Con, etc Says:

    […] Oakland Zoo has the new design for the Zoo t-shirt this year. It’s a clean look and apparently already on […]

  5. Lee in Altoona Says:

    The Cathedral rocks… must… have… shirt…

  6. Trevor Says:

    Where is the basketball on the logo? Looks like a weak version of last years.

  7. Pete Says:

    Great design! Now can the Zoo please work with the band to slow down the p….i….t….t chant after they play the fight song?

  8. Dave G Says:

    where is Dorothy the Falcon on the cathederal?

  9. CJ Says:

    Where’s the basketball??

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