Time to step up..

Hello again Zoo folk,

In daily business news, in order to get the info out to as many people as possible every email we send to students will now be on this blog so essentially any one who wants to read it can. Also, if you want to stay up to date on info for the team, injuries, pregame procedures, recruiting, stats, and of course badgering other teams, we’d definitely recommend following the twitter, @OaklandZoo. It’s the largest of any student section on twitter at over 6,000 followers.

Now to actual basketball, we realize the season has not gone quite as well as we had hoped so far in the Big East and in general. Right now the team is reeling bad. The best cure for that would be a solid win at home against Rutgers on Wednesday at 7 though. The Zoo was ranked the #2 student section in the country by ESPN’s Dana O’Neil and Eammon Brennan last month. It’s time we step up to that billing, and get this team started on the right track again. They’ve stepped up for us before, so it’s time to help them out where we can. That’s not just for their sake but to defend our house. It’s also the last game before Gameday comes, so it’ll be good to have a tuneup. Wednesday night at 7, be there.

Speaking of Gameday, the leaders will be meeting sometime this week to get the details hammered out of what the procedure of that Saturday will be. There is the actual “Gameday” event in the morning, then a women’s game, then they will actually clear out the Pete, and then the men’s game is at 9. Obviously there is some logistics to be worked out in terms of the line and when people get in. We’ll certainly inform you of all the info the week of. In the mean time, start making signs, get animal costumes, do whatever you have to to make Gameday special. If you have any Zoo-wide ideas for cheers or something, talk to the leaders at the Rutgers game (always behind the TV announcer’s table in the front row), tweet us @OaklandZoo, or email theOaklandZoo@gmail.com.

Enjoy your first full week of classes,

Zoo Leaders


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