ESPN College Gameday comes to Pitt

What we’ve been waiting for all year is finally here: ESPN Gameday. There’s essentially three stages for the day: Gameday broadcast, Women’s game versus WVU, and then obviously the men’s game versus Louisville.

6 AM: Doors to the Pete lobby open.

8:30 AM: Gates to the floor are open for people to get their seats for Gameday

10 AM: ESPN Gameday broadcasts on ESPNU.

11 AM: Gameday broadcasts on ESPN

11:50 AM: State Farm Half-Court Shot for $18,000 (we’re being told the person will be RANDOMLY selected)

This is how the ticketing situation for Gameday works. Gameday is FREE for EVERYONE. Our goal is simply to have as many people at the Pete as we possibly can. Lobby opens at 6.

Now here’s some important info: To reward early support, those that come to Gameday in the morning with a ticket to the men’s game will receive a wristband that gives you priority entrance to the men’s game over those that do not come to Gameday. If you do not come to Gameday, you will have to wait a half hour later than those that did to enter the arena for the game.

This will be confusing, but for Gameday we do NOT sit in the normal Zoo sections. We are behind the private boxes. See the picture to the right

For the morning show, the students will be in the GREEN sections

The women’s game is after. Would definitely encourage people to stay for that. After the Lady Panthers hopefully trounce the Hoopies, the entire arena floor will be cleared out to get it ready for the men’s game at night. The lines will be already set up outside the Zoo entrance for the priority and normal students. At this point, all you have to do is wait. Depending on how many people waiting, most should be able to wait inside the lobby. At 6:30 pm (2.5 hrs before tip), the priority wrist band students will be allowed in to get their seats.  All other students will be let in at 7:00 pm. After that, it’s just like a normal game until the tip at 9 pm.

That’s it for the strict details. This is a huge deal for our university and basketball program. It doesn’t matter what the record of the basketball team is. Gameday is a way to show off our university and how proud we are to be a part of it. The sustained success by the basketball team is the reason Gameday has come. The Oakland Zoo and Pitt fans are literally shown off for 2 hours to the country (and that’s not counting the game). It’s our time to go nuts and show our support. Make signs, paint yourselves, get blow up heads, wear animal costumes, be loud, be ridiculous. Everything you thought about doing at a sporting event to show support, do it (within reason).

For the game, let Rick Pitino and Louisville know exactly what we think of them in our house. Be on them the whole game. Cheer, be loud on every possession.

If you have Zoo wide cheers or something else you want to do, let the leaders know. Tweet @OaklandZoo, email If we update this with any changes or more info, we’ll let you guys know!



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