Gameday Comments/Providence/Georgetown/Best Student Section

Hey Zoo folk,

Wanted to start off by saying you guys were great for Gameday. Result was not what we wanted but we certainly did our part. The leaders received numerous compliments from the both the athletic department and the Gameday crew saying the Zoo was loud and engaged for the morning show. With how many people showed up to support (at the time) a 0-6 BE team, they wondered how many thousands would have showed up for a top 10 team. For the game, people were tweeting us saying how loud and into the game we were along with mentioning the atmosphere seemed great. Dickie V and Dan Shulman commented numerous times on the Zoo. The last quarter of the game wasn’t terribly loud, but that’s understandable with the way the game was going. It seems like overall ESPN were glad they came, and it should help to bring them back in the future.

To future game business,  there’s a game against Providence tonight at 7. We know morale for the team is horribly and absurdly low right now, but we gotta keep supporting them. That’s what student sections (and especially the 2nd rated Zoo) have to do. We really believe half the problem with this team right now is just confidence. If they get that 1st win tonight, we have a feeling they’ll get it going again. Game starts at 7, same procedure as always. Need and hope to see you guys there.

Georgetown comes to the Pete on Saturday at 4. They are a top 10 team, and Pitt could really really use the win. The game starts at 4, so you can even sleep in a little and then hop on over to the Pete for the game. We are either undefeated or have only 1 loss at the Pete versus top 10 teams (not 100% sure). Let’s keep that one record safe. Especially if the team wins tonight, we could push them over the edge on Saturday. Be there!

This is something we REALLY need everyone’s help with. Naismith is doing a student section of the year contest where people vote everyday to get into the top 16. After that, another vote is done to get into the final eight. At that point, the Naismith board of directors decide on the winners. We know this is a really bad year for us with the way the team is going, but the Zoo has never been more well known. ESPN voted us #2, the Zoo’s twitter gets dozens of new followers by the week (added 200 this week alone), and we just had a great showing on gameday. We still have pride as a student section, and it would be awesome to win this. Go to this link. You can vote everyday, and we need as many votes as we can get. Tell your roommates, friends, family, etc. to vote. Anybody that’s a Pitt fan, get them to vote!

Lastly, 2012 Pitt commit Steven Adams moved into the top 5 in ESPN’s 2012 rankings. The big news, however, is he will be playing at a local area high school in a tournament on Sunday afternoon. It’s called the PBC Legends classic at Ambridge Fieldhouse and all the info is here. Adams plays at 2:00 pm for ND Prep. The Zoo leaders and some others will be getting a group there to show him support. If you’re into the Pitt connections, Pitt football recruit JP Holtz plays at noon, and Sheldon Jeter, a 2012 Pitt target, will play at 3:30.

If you have any questions on anything, as always you can tweet us @OaklandZoo or email us. We try our best to answer quickly.

Thanks guys,



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