Little something to cure your Brawl-itis


The best thing to do in Dayton? Leave

That’s right. No one here likes this town. The city is terrible, the food is awful and over priced, there is no culture (unless you love chain restaurants), the sports are awful, and there basically no reason to ever come here.

I really don’t see how the NCAA grants Dayton the first round of games. The arena is too small, the views are awful, and it looks terrible on tv. The best part about getting to the arena is that there is only one road that goes in and one road that goes out so that makes traffic really fun.

Am I biased? Sure. The last time I was here I saw Levance fall with an injury that kept him out 2 months and we lost the game to a team we should have crushed. What made it worse were the idiot fans that filled their arena.

I’d like to take the time now to rename Dayton as Morgantown – West.

This year we have the fun of coming back to Dayton for a couple of games. The first against ETSU the second against OK State. Now I get that everyone wants to see the big upset for the 1 vs 16. What I don’t get is all of the Louisville fans rooting for every other Big East team to lose. Maybe they got caught up in the moment and were rooting against us so that ETSU would pull the huge upset. All that means for me is that I will be pulling for Siena to upset Louisville.

A few years ago when we were playing in Detroit, lower seed Bradley was giving us a game. West Virginia was scheduled to play after us. So after hearing all week of how WVU fans were going to root for Pitt, it was interesting to see that all of the Hoopie fans in attendance were pulling for Bradley. Maybe it was a mistake to put conference ahead of personal rivalry, but now I root against WVU in everything whether it is a conference or non-conference matchup.

Now I will add Louisville to that. In fact, it just might be best to say forget about rooting for the conference, just root for Pitt and root against everyone else.

The best part of last night was dealing with all of the arrogant Dayton and Ohio State fans. Most Dayton fans are Ohio State fans, so it was great seeing OSU fall to Siena in double overtime. I guess all of those paid off recruits, goofy Europeans, and guys that couldn’t hack it in the Big East aren’t good enough to beat a team that Pitt had dominated earlier in the year.

Now at the game yesterday I was rooting for WVU to beat Dayton just to mess with the Dayton fans in the arena, but that didn’t happen and I can’t say I’m too upset. I just never feel bad about WVU losing.

Speaking of WVU, there were a bunch of WVU fans at the Pitt game yesterday. Why do they always come to our games? Is it their inferiority complex that they just must be around us all the time? Do they like coming to Pitt events just to mess with us? Either way, it was fun watching them leave yesterday knowing they had just lost to Dayton.

Hopefully tomorrow Pitt dominates Oklahoma State, Louisville loses, and Kansas destroys Dayton.

All three of those would make a perfect day with the perfect ending.

Actually the perfect ending is this, so go ahead and check it out.

Let’s Be Big Time

Just like Max said below, we are #1 in the country, so it is time for us to be an elite program. Other programs across the country wear a specific color. I don’t care if you are a PSU bball fan, a WVU fan, or what not, if you come to Pitt basketball home games this is your turn to wear gold. Syracuse has been playing well lately and is a top 25 team. If you don’t think this game means anything then think again. They are the first ever Big East team to win at the Pete. There is no excuse for them to ever win again here. Flynn looks disinterested playing in college. You know he is waiting until he can cash in an NBA paycheck. Devendorf hit’s women. I have a sister and I love my mom so if you have any female connections you should be at this game letting little Eric that it is not O.K. to hit women. We need to be on him all game long. There is no excuse ever to hit a woman.

Syracuse pulled their strings and gave him a small slap on the wrist for him “PUNCHING A GIRL”.

If you think hitting a girl is O.K., then fine, take 79 south and route for WVU because it is not OK for Pitt. On Monday we will be lining up early at Pitt ready to let Cuse have it. I feel bad for Jim Boeheim because he looks very tired and frustrated. 20 years ago he wouldn’t have had to deal with this but because of coaches like Bob (T)Huggins and Bobby (dirty man) Gonzalez we have to deal with coaches who bend the rules for certain players.

The Big East should have no tolerance for obvious rule breakers like this. Sadly, we have to deal with this to over come our piss poor perception in football. So cheer your heart out Big East Basketball fans because we need to set the trend!

Real Fans Wear Gold

Monday night’s game against Syracuse plans to be a huge test for our Pitt Panthers. The students will be out in full force thanks to the efforts of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement (aka we get school off for MLK Day.) In addition, upwards of 2700 student tickets have been requested, some kind of record. So we’ll be there bright and early wearing our Zoo Shirts and ready to blow the roof off the Pete.

For all of those fans not lucky enough to still be in college, we as students ask you to act like us for an evening. We don’t want you to sleep through classes or go rummaging through your attics for your old fake IDs. We just want you to wear a Zoo Shirt, the official gold ones, or some shirt/sweater/blouse/halter top/overalls/poncho that resembles the Vegas Gold that the students wear.

Assuming the weather permits, the Pete will be the place to be in Pittsburgh on Monday. Win or loss, no one should be worrying about the Steelers. You can either mourn the end of the season or celebrate a trip to Tampa, just do it at the Pitt game and do it wearing Gold.

We might be creative and funny with our whiteboards, but we can only do so much.

With just one gold shirt, you can change the life of a Pitt student forever, or at least for a few days.

Hail to Pitt and remember, REAL FANS WEAR GOLD

All Eyes On Us

That’s right Panther fans. For the first time in the history of our program, we are now the #1 ranked team in the country.

On Saturday afternoon many people felt that we would be getting a few first place votes after dismantling Georgetown on the road. Well tonight, we went from hoping we would acquire some votes, to wanting every single one when UNC fell to Boston College (at UNC).

I have been a student here since 2001 and have been blessed to be a part of this magical ride. There were two times before when we had a shot at being #1 and unfortunately we were unable to do so.

However, now we are the top team in all of the land.

Enjoy this Panther fans. This is an honor that does not come very easily and every team in the country would want to be in our shoes right now.

With that said, we now have a larger responsibility to improve our home court advantage. Lets take this momentum and go forward. Sunday we play St. Johns at home and we need to be there packed and loud.

The team did their part to get to where they are, now lets assist them in any way we can.


It’s Been A While

Well, Thanksgiving weekend happened and I found myself in dire need of some internet in order to post again, and so I found myself having to wait until I returned to the cozy confines of Oakland to update everybody on Pitt basketball. With one poll (ESPN/USA Today) already out today, and a suspected match in the AP poll, the Panthers will be the #3 team in the country heading into Wednesday night’s City Game against Duquesne, a Dukes team that gave the Panthers quite a scare last year at the AJ Palumbo Center last year but should be no match for a Pitt team that finds themselves on a new level defensively. 

Some critics have said that the Panthers don’t deserve such a high ranking, having not beaten another top-25 team yet (i.e., Gonzaga, UNC, Oklahoma), yet the facts remain that the Panthers have won every game by 13 or more points. That includes very solid wins over Belmont, Texas Tech, and Washington State, the latter two teams being undefeated before facing the Panthers. I will say this: any time you look at a schedule and say “all of these should be wins” the key word is SHOULD. If you want any further proof, look at Louisville/Western Kentucky last night, or Marquette/Dayton during the week. The fact is, the Panthers have beaten who they have played, and they have beaten them well, and they deserve this ranking.

On a positive note, I did get up to Newark to see the semifinal game of the Legends Classic against Texas Tech, and for the most part I loved what I saw. This is really really tough team. I can tell all season that people are going to find plenty of things to complain about, but this is not the kind of team that will win like UNC does, with 4 future NBA players on the roster. This is a team that will love to win games 57-41 instead of 101-98, a team built for defense and rebounding. Gilbert Brown looked much improved from the Belmont game, and I’m sure he’ll look back to normal this week against Duquesne. Interestingly, it seems to be Nasir Robinson rather than Travon Woodall who loses out minutes due to Brown’s return, though I was hoping it would be the other way around. Nothing against Travon (or Ashton) but we could use the rebounding help down low, especially when DeJuan and Sam Young are out of the game.

Recruit in Attendance on Tuesday

For those of you going to the Belmont game at the Pete on Tuesday at 7:00 PM, Dominic Cheek will be attending the game.

Cheek is the #16 prospect in the 2009 class, and is the former high school teammate of Travon Woodall.