The 2012 Oakland Zoo 3v3 Charity Basketball Tournament

We’re happy to announce a little project we’ve been working on the past few weeks. We’re going to be hosting a 32 team, 3v3 student tournament for charity on September 30th on the courts of the Pete. All proceeds from both spectators and competitors are going to be donated to the local Boys and Girls Club of Western PA. They are a great organization, and we wanted to help some place local. Our plan is to turn this into an annual event to help raise money for different causes each year. The event will be open to the public (students and non students) as well at $1 per ticket, which 100% of that goes to charity. We’ll also be there accepting any additional donation you’d like to give. Anything and everything is appreciated. Here’s the hard details:

  • Tournament is September 30th, check in 11-11:30 with first tip being at noon.
  • 3v3 half court games, double elimination bracket, 4 person teams (3 players, 1 sub to use interchangeably)
  • Teams can be made up of Pitt students only, male or female (don’t have to be all of one gender)
  • All games but the championship are played on the Pete main court and practice court on 9/30.
  • Championship game will be played during half-time of a Pitt men’s basketball game (date TBA)
  • Entry fee is $40 per team ($10 per person). This covers the entry fee, and gets you a free tournament t shirt.
  • The rest of the entry fee is donated along with any other proceeds to the Boys and Girls club of Western PA.
  • Coach Jamie Dixon and some of the players will likely (barring recruiting, other circumstances) be present at the tournament. Chance to talk/meet them.
  • Registration forms are available here: registration form. Rules and official details will be released soon.
  • Registration forms along with $40 entry fee in cash are due by Friday, 9/21 to the Panther Ticket Office in the Pete Lobby

Now, here are the prizes for the 2 teams that make it to the championship game:

2nd Place:

4 free 2012-2013 Oakland Zoo T shirts

Get to go into the Pete before a Pitt Men’s basketball game of their choice, and get seats of their choice. (i.e. they don’t wait in line)

1st Place:          

 4 free 2012-2013 Oakland Zoo T shirts

Get to go into the Pete before a Pitt Men’s basketball game of their choice, and get seats of their choice. (ie they don’t wait in line)

Autographed Jamie Dixon basketballs

Names on new Tournament Trophy

A behind the scenes Pitt basketball experience with Jamie Dixon

Obviously the first 32 teams to get their form and money in are the ones in the tournament, so get your teams together ASAP if you for sure want to play.

Huge thanks to the athletic department and Coach Dixon for allowing us to put this together and putting forth the Pitt prizes. If you have any questions, please tweet @OaklandZoo or email if you have questions or want to donate money.


6 Responses to “The 2012 Oakland Zoo 3v3 Charity Basketball Tournament”

  1. Tea_Girl! Says:

    I know this is for students only… but can you do this alumn a huge favor? The Pittsburgh Bullets is a non profit organization and play for children. Please let them play too for zero proceed! They want to give back to the community and help The Zoo raise money for your charity.

  2. idk Says:

    I’m not sure allowing a Semi-Pro team to play against students would be the best idea. If students can’t play for fun then the point is kind of moot and many would not sign up. Also, other than playing in the tournament like everyone else, how would they be helping the Zoo raise money?

    I could be looking at this the wrong way though.

    • Tea_Girl! Says:

      These guys are college students as well. Many are from Point Park with the opportunity to play Semi-Pro ball. However, The Bullets do not play for pay, the idea is like yours, to raise money for children, they raise money for children’s education. The idea is the same, for charitable purposes and fun only. These young men play on the weekend’s only and attend classes or jobs during the week. I do understand your thought that the student would feel they may get out played, but this many not be true. We may find more hidden talent at Pitt with walk-on ability. I think this could be fun with using The Bullets presents to raise money as most of their fan base in here in Pittsburgh. It would help both Pitt, whom I love, and The Bullets who fulfill their mission and vision statement.

  3. Tea_Girl! Says:

    Just one more comment, the entire Bullets team does not plan to sign up. There will be only 3 prospect players who are not full Bullets status. Maybe this may bring a different light to your thoughts.

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