"What If"s Don’t Win Games

I’m not going to go into great detail about today’s disappointing loss, as I’m sure you are all just as aware as I am about what went on. All I have to say to all of you is that when you and your friends start talking about this game and this team, do not delve into the murky waters of the “what if.”

What if we shot better freethrows?
What if Jamie didn’t get the technical?
What if Higgins didn’t call three non-existent charges?
What if they hadn’t called the foul on James with 0.9 seconds?

Don’t do it.

There is no stat given to the NCAA committee with the heading of “almost” wins. There is no column on the sheet that shows “incorrect referee calls.” What matters is the W and the L.

Pitt shot their worst percentage on the season (0.418) and an awful (0.278) from the arc. Add in 13 missed freethrows, and you begin to wonder how Pitt even managed to get into OT.

That is my point in a nutshell. If you are going to talk about this game, talk about all of the missed shots and turnovers in regulation. Pitt had one of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen today, but it shouldn’t have ever even been necessary. Don’t point the finger at Levon, or Antonio, or anyone else in the final 60 seconds. This game should have never needed to go that far.

I just hope that come March 3, when the Panthers go to Marquette for their GameDay, that we can ruin their day as much as they ruined ours today.


Awesome Day

I just got home after being at the Pete for over 16 hours, what a great day. The atmosphere at Gameday in the morning was electric. Disappointing loss for the women but what an entertaining game. The men’s game was just insane I loved every minute of it. Great showing by the Zoo. Saturday night games in Pittsburgh are what college basketball is all about.

Couple highlights from the day:
1. The signs at Gameday were great. My personal favorite was “Lets Get Frisky”. Jeff is the new cult hero of the Zoo.
2. Crazy Dancing Lady is back. I was getting worried we weren’t going to get to see her this year but she was back and on form today.
3. SHADY SHADY SHADY. He signed Dave’s sign thats as good as written commitment. This kid is huge and I can’t wait to see him play for Pitt.
4. Mike Cook. He put in his best game of the year, I love his play. Pure finisher he is exactly what the team needed.

Can’t say enough good things about tonight I had a great time and there is no feeling in the world like being in Pete during Big East season. I love this team!!!!

ESPN College GameDay

We are really excited to be hosting ESPN’s College GameDay tomorrow all day. They will be filming a live shot at 10 a.m. and then the show will run from 11-noon on the floor of the Pete, and then they will be broadcasting throughout the day. It’s the first time they will be coming here for basketball and a great opportunity for us to showcase the school, the team, the beautiful Petersen Events Center, and last, but definitely not least, you guys… the Zoo. Come out early, bring your signs (keep them clean but creative), and stay all day for the events. It’ll be a great day and a great opportunity to showcase Pitt basketball and Pitt as a whole.

College Gameday is HERE!

Well we are less than 24 hours away from College Gameday making its first appearance here for basketball!!!! The doors open tomorrow at 9:30 and thats when things start going down. And yes DICK VITALE WILL BE HERE!!! We’ll be getting free bagels and drinks. At 11 a.m. taping will begin and last until 12. Then the women tip off at 1:30.

Its very important that you bring signs and make a lot of noise. This is our chance to show ourselves to the world and we need to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Paint your faces, bring signs and scream your head off. We’ll see ya then!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pitt defeats DePaul on the Road

In what was best described as a slow, methodical Pitt style game, the Panthers took the early lead agains the Blue Demons and never let up. The first half was much closer than some Pitt fans anticipated, however Pitt was able to keep the lead for the entire game. Aaron Gray was held in check for most of the first half with much of the slack being picked up by Antonio Graves, Levon Kendall, and Mike Cook. Bothered by a leg injury, Levance Fields had some uncharacteristic turnovers, but came back strong in the 2nd half to help the Panthers move to 3-0 in Big East play. Aaron Gray proved to be too much for the Blue Demons in the 2nd half scoring the majority of his points then including 2 free throws which really proved to put the Panthers over the edge.

Pitt faces off against Georgetown next on Saturday night at 9 p.m. at the Pete following College Gameday live from Pitt and the women vs. St. Johns at 1:30.