Last Home Game and Other Stuff

Zoo folk,

As we’re approaching the end of the regular season, just wanted to let you know of a few things. Obviously the team’s season hasn’t gone as well as we all had hoped, but despite people trying to say otherwise the Zoo did its part. For Rutgers, Louisville, Georgetown, and WVU the Zoo was at 90% full or better with Louisville and WVU being sell outs. That means out of the 6 Big East games we’ve had while classes have been going, 4 were pretty much full for a team that hasn’t been above .500 in Big East play all year. For the other two, USF had about 65-70% full and Providence was pretty dismal. Providence was at the tail end of the 8 game losing streak, however.

Our last game is this Wednesday at 7 pm at the Pete. Since it’s our last home game, we’re hoping people come out and help the team finish on the right foot. If you haven’t been to a game this year, be there! For those that didn’t attend Senior Day last year, we had cutouts of the seniors that members of the Zoo could sign as kind of a parting gift. Gary, Brad, and Gil all told us they absolutely loved this, so we did the same for Ashton and Nasir for this year. We didn’t have them for Senior Day at USF because they changed it too short notice for us to get them in time. We’ll have the cutouts and sharpies for people to sign them with before the game on Wednesday (not to mention the return of the giant Jamie Dixon head). Nick Rivers received his cut out last year, so he’s taken care of.

We still need votes in the student section of the year contest yet. We need to make the top 8 to make the finals, and as of Friday we were well out of there. The top 8 are put before the Naismith Board of Directors, and they vote on the best student section of the year based on the votes and criteria the athletic department submitted in the fall. The deadline is midnight tomorrow, and it would be super awesome to have everyone vote at least once. It’s super easy, just follow the link on facebook here:

Lastly, we’re thinking about getting students a lot more involved in the Zoo’s Gameday activities, chants, traditions etc. for next year. So we’re thinking about having a completely open meeting sometime after the season is over that anyone can come and suggest ideas for things the Zoo could start doing. Not only does this allow people to share their ideas, but also bounce them off of a large group to see if they’re good or not. Your suggestions could be anything from new cheers, to new ticketing policies, to things you didn’t like about this year. Sweet Caroline at Pitt football games was born out of similar meetings like this. Is this something people would be interested in coming to? Let us know on twitter @OaklandZoo or email us This would be YOUR chance to let us know exactly what you think could be better in the Oakland Zoo. It’s YOUR student section.

That’s all for now. As always, if you have any questions or anything you can tweet us or email us.




One Response to “Last Home Game and Other Stuff”

  1. Bizmarkie Says:

    You guys need to track down the originators of the Zoo and request their input. I am sure that they would have some good ideas and would appreciate being consulted.

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